We are pleased to inform you that we have available the new WRK water condensed heat pumps optmized for heating that can produce water up to 68°C with 8°C delta T at the condenser. With delta T of 5°C the limit for water produced is 65°C. The range is made by 10 sizes with heating capacity from 50kW to 210kW. WRK can be fitted with pumping kit, please check the technical data for the available configurations.
WRK units can mostly be used in building retrofitting, where centralised combustion boilers need replacing, while maintaining the existing distribution system and terminals at the same time. The unit to ensure the production of domestic hot
This  typical situation is when operating in contexts such as public buildings, but also in the case of centralised residential, where costs must be limited without changing the distribution system and also offering a renewable energy source, heat pumps.
Being able to upgrade a building without involving the distribution system also eliminates the inconveniences associated with the renovation of the building, ensuring the continuity of the property’s use, saving time and budget.