Chillers for external installation for chilled water production with high performance scroll compressors and low electric absorption , axial fans, external copper coils with aluminum fins (from size 020 to 090) microchannel (from size 102 to 202) , plate heat exchangers. In the units (with desuperheater or total recovery) it is also possible to produce free-hot water. The base, the structure and the panelling are in steel treated withpolyester anti-corrosion paints .
ANL_°: Chillers without hydronic kit
ANL C: Condensing unit
Versions with hydronic kit
ANL_P: with standard pump
ANL_N: with high pump
ANL_A: with buffer tank and standard pump
ANL_Q: with buffer tank and high pump
Operational limits
Work at full load up to 46°C external air temperature, with options to produced water up to -10°C (for more details please refer to the technical documentation
• High efficiency scroll compressors with low power input
• flow switch/ pressure switch as standard supply
• Water filter
• High efficiency heat exchangers
• Axial flow fan units for extremely quiet operation
• Possibility of integrated hydronik -kit, which includes the main hydraulic components; it is available in different configurations with or without buffer tank, one high or low head pumps.
• Electronic controller (Modu_control)


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