We are pleased to inform you that we have available a new fan coils with a photocatalytic sterilization device called FCZ_H. It is designed to have 99% microbiological reduction efficiency on bacteria and virus. The Research Centre of the University of Salerno made the field test. The efficiency is concerned not only for ambient air but also for the components of the fan coil.

FCZ_H will have four different versions:

• FCZ_HT for vertical installation with on-board thermostat;
• FCZ_H with cabinet for vertical and horizontal installation;
• FCZ_HP without cabinet for vertical and horizontal installation, 3 speed motor;
• FCZ_HPA without cabinet for vertical and horizontal installation, motor for increased available static pressure

All versions come with G2 air filter and on-site reversible water connections.

On the version FCZ_H, it is possible to install the following thermostats:

• On board panel PTI4Z;
• VMF system;
• T-Touch thermostat;

FCZ_HP and FCZ_HPO can be controlled by VMF system.

All versions without on-board mounted thermostat can be controlled by PXAE.

For the compatibility of all other accessories, please check the attached product sheet.